Conference Tracks

Track 1: Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS): Integration and Internationalisation

1.1   IKS as a Living Tradition

1.2   The Cultural and Spiritual Identity of India

1.3   Relevance of IKS in the Present Knowledge Systems

1.4   Some reflections for Global Integration

Track 2:  Sustainable Development: Research, Practice and Education 

2.1 Education in Sustainable Development

2.2 Communities, Governance and Sustainable Practices

2.3 Sustainable Education and Global Partnership

Track 3: Digital Transformation and Online Education

3.1 Digital and Online Education for Quality Education 

3.2 Artificial Intelligence in Digital Transformation

3.3 Emerging Trends in Online Education

3.4  Challenges and Benefits of Online Education

Track 4: Equitable and Inclusive Higher Education for Sustainable Development

4.1 Equitable Access to Quality Higher Education

4.2 Policy Perspectives on Inclusive Education

4.3 The Global 2030 Agenda of the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4

4.4 Curriculum, Teaching, Evaluation and Research Paradigms and Methodologies