The Bhoo Chetna Circle is a dedicated community of academicians united by a profound mission – to foster Earth consciousness and propagate awareness concerning vital environmental issues. Committed to addressing the pressing challenges of our time, this circle strives to enlighten individuals about climate change, energy conservation, responsible water management, and efficient waste disposal. Through research, education, and advocacy, the Bhoo Chetna Circle endeavors to inspire sustainable practices and nurture a deeper reverence for our planet. By forging a path towards a greener, more harmonious world, these academicians are catalysts for positive change, guiding society toward a future of ecological balance and awareness. 

Core Team Bhoo Chetna Circle

Prof. Tania Gupta

Dean, School of Education

K. R. Mangalam University


Dr. Sanjay Kumar


Saraswati College of 

Professional Studies, Ghaziabad

Dr. Shweta Rani

Assistant Professor (SG)

Department of Geography

Dyal Singh College, University of Delhi

Ms. Jenifer Robinson

HOD, Science & French

Indian School AI Wadi AI Kabir 

Sultanate of Oman

Invited Speakers in BHOO Chetna Circle

Pankaj Grover 

Head, Community Engagement

Save Aravali Trust

Dr. Praveen Kumar Pathak

Professor, Centre for the Study of Regional Development,

School of Social Sciences, JNU, Delhi

Dr. Anita Singh 

Director, Saraswati College of Professional Studies, Ghaziabad