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Online Program Management Certificate Course 

Course Description: 

This Online Program Management Certificate Course is designed for beginners who want to acquire the foundational knowledge and skills required to successfully manage online programs and projects. The course combines interactive practical sessions, project work, and a live practical exam to ensure that participants gain both practical and hands-on experience in online program management.

Course Duration:

First Batch Starting from 28th October 2023.

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Course Objectives: 

Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

Course Curriculum: 

Not displayed here due to higher flexibility in nature. More focused on individual differences.

Collaborative Project Work (20 Hours): Students will work on real-life online program management projects in small groups. Each group will be given a specific online program scenario to manage. They will apply the concepts learned in the course to plan, execute, and evaluate the program's success. Project work will include regular progress reporting and feedback.

Live Practical Exam (30 Minutes): Students will be required to demonstrate their online program management skills in a live, simulated scenario. They will be given a case study and asked to make decisions, manage resources, and respond to challenges in real-time. The exam will assess their ability to apply course knowledge to practical situations.

Assessment and Grading:

Course Fee

                        Total   Fees  : 251/-

Registrations Open for the First Batch 

Registration is open for CTPD Life Members. Get registered yourself and wait for our mail for the selection.

Only 10 seats in the First Batch. The fee will be accepted after your selection for the course.

Certificate: Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a course certificate in Online Program Management, indicating their proficiency in the field.

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